Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Goonies Gorillas

Sure Data, "The Octopus was very scary", but what about the escaped Gorillas leading a chase with the police in Troy's Mustang?
The above pictures come from a deleted subplot involving 2 escaped gorillas.

I'll use the script (fourth draft) to explain.  We first encounter the gorillas during the police chase from the beginning of the movie:

Cut to...

Later on in the story, sometime after the scene at the wishing well...

The two photos are from the end of the movie, and seem to be a part of the never released alternate ending.
Using various pics, and the script, here's how I think it went down...

The Goonies have gathered over at Mikey's house to help his family pack up for the sad move out of their home.

Mr. Perkins shows up to get Mr. Walsh to finally sign those papers-
When all of a sudden...

So, the white Mustang (a Cadillac in the script) belongs to Mr Perkins:
Notice the golf flags hanging out of the window.
Rosalita finds the jewels in the kids' laundry, and, just like in the released ending, the goon docks are saved...
And everyone celebrates...

Including new roomates Chunk and Sloth, in matching shirts.
 And the movie would have ended on this image:

I found the photos of the gorillas in an album on, with no explanation of where they came from.

I wanted to share them with all the Goonies fans out there, and who knows, maybe the footage will show up someday...


  1. Wow! This is good stuff, I'm a huge Goonie fan but I've never seen this stuff! Thank you so much for sharing!!

  2. Nice finds. I had never heard much about this either. I just watched an interview clip with Troy's dad Curtis Hanson on YouTube. He says this ending was shot in November, but Sloth's prosthetics weren't functioning right and so they had to reshoot the "real" ending in January. They couldn't shoot at the house location again because the foliage was gone and it wouldn't match, so they had to relocate the scene to the beach. It's possible Sloth's costume malfunctioning was the real reason for cutting the gorillas. Once the gorillas couldn't be used for the payoff car crash at this residential location, there would've been no reason to leave in their earlier scenes because they lead nowhere. Hanson says that the golf cart scene was shot as well.

    The interview is here:

  3. I'm towards the middle of watching an interview on YouTube that Jeff Cohen "Chunk" did with The Unauthorized Story and the interview asks Jeff "Two words... "Gorilla Scene" what do you remember from that?" Im thinking they went off topic about another movie cause "I know everything there is to know about The Goonies." So I Google "The Goonies Gorilla Scene"... MIND BLOWN. Thank you for finding and posting this treasure of a find!